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Frontier Internet Service

Frontier offers customers industry-leading fiber-optic technology with one of our Fiber Internet plans. Frontier Communications is a provider of internet, TV, and home phone service. Frontier provides DSL internet across 25 states.They have FiOS, DLS, cable, and satellite internet too. In 2022, Frontier Communications had approximately 2.8 million broadband subscribers, representing a slight increase increase on the figure reported for 2021.


Frontier offers two types of internet services: Frontier Fiber and DSL internet service. The speeds and pricing vary by location and the internet service type in your area. Frontier Fiber now has four plan options ranging from 500Mbps to 5Gbps. Each plan has symmetrical upload speeds, a perk typically only available with fiber-optic service.

Starlink Internet Connection Types

Starlink Internet Contracts & Data Caps

  • There are no strict data limits applied by Starlink.

  • However, all Starlink internet plans have a Priority Access window from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. with a monthly data cap of 1 TB.

  • During peak hours, customers without additional Priority Access may experience reduced speeds.

  • Starlink does not require customers to commit to internet contracts, providing the flexibility to cancel their service at any point without incurring cancellation charges.

  • Upon cancellation, the service will remain active until the end of the current payment period and then cease.

  • Additionally, customers have the option to receive a refund for their equipment fee if they cancel their service within 30 days, provided they return the equipment in its original packaging and in good condition.

Starlink Plans & Pricing

Residential Internet

  • Download Speeds up to 220Mbps

  • $90/month


Roam Mobile - Regional

  • Download speeds up to 50 Mbps

  • $150/month

Roam Mobile - Global

  • Download speeds up to 50 Mbps

  • $200/month

Roam Mobile Priority

  • Download speeds up to 220 Mbps

  • $250/month

Roam - Flat High Performance

  • Download speeds up to 220 Mbps

  • $250/month

While several satellite internet providers impose numerous fees, Starlink satellite internet service keeps extra charges to a minimum. Here's what you can anticipate in terms of charges and fees from Starlink:

  • Deposit Cost: To preorder equipment in areas without existing Starlink service, a $99 upfront deposit is required. This deposit contributes to the hardware purchase price, although it may be a bit inconvenient considering potential delivery delays.

  • Equipment Fee: Starlink applies a one-time hardware fee of $599 for both Residential and Roam customers (with higher fees of $2,500 for Starlink Business and Starlink Maritime). Additionally, there is a $50 shipping and handling fee to deliver the hardware to your location. These charges are obligatory.

  • Portability Fee: If you intend to relocate your residential device to a different address, a $25 fee for Starlink Portability is applicable. Even if you activate this service mid-month, the full fee is required. Alternatively, you can entirely avoid this fee by selecting the Starlink Roam plan when signing up.

Starlink Compared to Viasat

Starlink Coverage Map

Starlink Customer Service

You can visit the Starlink website to get various types of support options.

  • On the Starlink website, customers can access support for a variety of topics, including account-related issues, setup and installation guidance, troubleshooting, specifications and configuration, service plans, orders, and billing inquiries.

  • Starlink provides customer service support via email and an online contact form.

  • They have a comprehensive FAQ section on their website to address common queries.

  • Starlink offers a customer support phone line for technical issues and inquiries.

  • Starlink has an active online community where users can share experiences and seek help.

  • Users can track their Starlink shipments and service status through their online accounts.

  • The company is continually expanding its coverage and improving services based on user feedback.

Starlink For Business

Even if you are looking for Starlink for business internet, Starlink offers a Business Internet plan available at a price of about $250-$1500/mo. The speeds offered are up to 220Mbps with a latency of about 25-50ms. You also have to pay an equipment fee of $2500.00.

  • Is AT&T Internet accessible where I live?
    Enter your address in the search box to see if AT&T internet is offered in your area. Find your exact location on the AT&T coverage map, and see if it is highlighted in blue.
  • What is the price of AT&T internet?
    Internet packages from AT&T Fiber start at just $55 per month.
  • How quickly does AT&T fiber internet work?
    The fiber internet from AT&T offers download rates of up to 5 Gbps.
  • Is a contract required for AT&T internet service?
    You are not required to sign a contract with AT&T. That means you won't need to worry about ETFs if you decide to switch to another internet provider for any reason.
  • Do AT&T's internet plans have data limits?
    Unlimited data is included in AT&T Fiber internet plans. However, the monthly data cap for AT&T DSL plans is 1.5 TB, and the monthly data cap for AT&T fixed wireless plans is 350 GB.

Other Benefits of Starlink

Effortless Self-Installation: Your Starlink Kit includes all the essentials for a quick online setup, featuring your Starlink terminal, WiFi router, cables, and base.

No Long-Term Commitments, 30-Day Trial: Starlink believes in fair terms. They can adjust conditions and pricing as needed, and customers have the freedom to cancel at any time, for any reason. Try any Starlink Service for 30 days, and if not satisfied, return the hardware for a full refund.

Convenient Mobile App Management: The Starlink app allows you to personalize settings, receive updates, access support, and monitor real-time performance data such as download speed, latency, and uptime. Download the app to identify the optimal installation location, ensuring a clear view of the sky for satellite connectivity.

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