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28 Google Workers Fired for Protesting Israel Agreement!

Google Workers Fired

Google announced on Thursday that it fired 28 employees because they protested against a cloud contract with the Israeli government. The company explained that a few of these employees went into some offices and disrupted work. Google said that blocking other employees from working and stopping them from getting into buildings goes against company rules and is not acceptable behavior.

Google stated that after looking into each case, they fired 28 employees. They also said they would keep investigating and take more actions if necessary.

Google workers involved with the No Tech for Apartheid campaign said that firing the employees was a harsh response. They also mentioned that some of the employees who were fired did not take part in the protests on Tuesday.

Google workers said they have the right to protest peacefully about their work conditions. They are protesting because they believe that Project Nimbus, a $1.2 billion deal made with Google and Amazon in 2021 to provide cloud services to the Israeli government, helps develop military tools for Israel. However, Google stated that the Nimbus contract does not involve work related to weapons or secret military or intelligence services.


Q1. Why did Google fire 28 employees?

Google fired 28 employees because they protested against Project Nimbus and disrupted work at some Google offices, which is against company policies.

Q2. What were the Google employees protesting?

The employees were protesting because they believed Project Nimbus supported the development of military tools by the Israeli government.

Q3. Did Google fire employees who did not participate in the protest?

Yes, according to some employees involved in the protest, Google also fired workers who did not directly participate in the protests.

Q4. Do Google workers have the right to protest?

Yes, the protesting workers stated that they have the right to peacefully protest about their work conditions.


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