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Alexa Gets Smarter: Discover the Benefits of the New Monthly Subscription


Amazon is enhancing its Alexa voice assistant with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and plans to charge a monthly fee to support these improvements. The updated Alexa, coming later this year, aims to compete with new AI technologies from Google and OpenAI. It will be more interactive but won't be part of the Amazon Prime subscription, and the exact cost hasn't been set yet.

Initially, Alexa was innovative, but it now appears outdated compared to recent AI advances, like OpenAI's GPT-4o, which can have complex conversations and translate languages in real-time. Some experts think these new AI features could overshadow Alexa and Apple's Siri.

Internally at Amazon, there has been more pressure on the Alexa team since Jeff Bezos left and Andy Jassy became CEO in 2021. Jassy has prioritized efficiency, leading to less focus on Alexa, which he finds underwhelming in its current form.

Despite challenges, Alexa is still widely used, with over 500 million devices sold. Amazon is working to keep Alexa relevant amid newer AI competitors and validate its investment in the technology. The Alexa team has seen major shifts, with many moving to broader AI projects.

Amazon faces difficulties in hiring AI engineers and the high costs of AI operations. The planned subscription for Alexa might be around $2 per use, aiming for a competitive price of around $20 or less.

Amazon continues to invest heavily in AI, including a $2.75 billion investment in the AI startup Anthropic. Amazon's AI model, Titan, will be featured in the Alexa update. Jeff Bezos remains actively concerned about Amazon's AI standing and is involved in guiding its AI strategy.

Key Points

  1. Amazon is set to release an enhanced version of its voice assistant, Alexa, this year, with a monthly subscription fee.

  2. This new version of Alexa will not be part of the Amazon Prime subscription.

  3. The update follows OpenAI's release of a chatbot capable of two-way conversations, contrasting with Alexa's current basic functions like setting timers and providing weather updates.


Q1. Is there a trial period for the new Alexa subscription?

Amazon has not yet provided information about whether there will be a trial period for the new Alexa subscription. This means we don't know if users will be able to try the upgraded features of Alexa for free before deciding to pay the monthly fee.

Q2. Why is Amazon introducing a subscription for the new Alexa?

Amazon is introducing a subscription for the new Alexa to help pay for the advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology used to enhance its features. This technology makes Alexa more interactive and capable of handling complex tasks, but it is expensive to develop and maintain. The subscription fee will support these improvements and ongoing updates.

Q3. Can current Alexa users upgrade to the new version?

Current users of Alexa have the option to upgrade to the new version with enhanced features. However, they will need to subscribe to a new monthly plan to access these advanced capabilities. This means that in addition to their existing Alexa devices, users will pay a monthly fee to use the upgraded services and features.


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