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  • Parv Jain

Apple Denies Breaking Court Rules in Epic Games App Store Dispute


Apple, the company behind the iPhone, told a judge in California on Friday that they did not break any rules regarding how their App Store operates. This statement was part of an ongoing legal fight with Epic Games, the makers of "Fortnite." Epic Games had previously accused Apple of unfairly controlling the App Store, limiting how apps are downloaded and how payments are handled.

Despite losing much of its lawsuit, Epic won a court decision in 2021 that required Apple to let app developers offer customers other ways to pay, besides Apple’s system.

However, Epic claims that Apple is not following this order properly by charging high fees that make alternative payments impractical. Other tech companies like Meta and Microsoft have supported Epic’s claims. Apple has pushed back against these accusations, arguing that Epic is trying to change Apple’s operations to boost its profits.


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