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Apple-Google Pact: Gemini AI Could Supercharge iPhone Capabilities

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Apple, a big technology company, is talking with Google about using Google's advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, called Gemini, in iPhones. Bloomberg News shared this information, mentioning that the discussions are part of Apple's plan to introduce new features to the iPhone. However, the specific details about how they will make this agreement work or how the AI will be shown in iPhone software are still being decided.

Because of this news, the stock market reacted positively, with Alphabet Inc. (Google's parent company) seeing its stock price go up more than 6%, and Apple's stock price increasing by 2.5%.

It seems like we might not hear any official announcement about this deal until June. This is when Apple usually has a big event to talk to app developers about new things coming up. Interestingly, Apple has also been talking to OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, about using their AI technology.

If Apple and Google agree on this, Google's AI could be used in more than 2 billion Apple devices around the world. This is a big deal for Google as it tries to compete with Microsoft, which supports OpenAI. For Apple, this deal could make investors happy by speeding up its introduction of AI technologies, especially after Apple's stock went down 10% this year.

Apple and Google have worked together before, like making Google the main search engine on Apple's Safari internet browser. But this new AI deal might make some people worried, especially since Google has been criticized for dominating the search engine market too much.

A technology analyst named Daniel Ives thinks this deal is very important. He believes it's great for Google because it lets them reach all of Apple's users, which is a huge number of people.

In January, Google made a similar deal with Samsung, another big tech company, to use Gemini in Samsung's Galaxy S24 smartphones. This shows Google is really pushing to get its AI technology used by more people.

Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, said last month that Apple is working hard on creating its own AI technology and will share more about how it plans to use AI later this year. Part of Apple's plan for the next iPhone software update, iOS 18, is to use its own AI for some new tricks but also to work with another company for other AI features that could help create pictures or write essays just from a simple prompt.


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