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AT&T Data Leak Affects Around 73 Million Present and Past Customers

AT&T Data Leak

AT&T shared on Saturday that a secret leak online about two weeks ago has affected roughly 7.6 million people who currently use their service and 65.4 million who used to. They think the leaked info is old, from 2019 or before. AT&T also mentioned they haven't found any signs that hackers got into their systems because of this leak.

AT&T isn't sure if the leaked data came from them or a company they work with. They said this leak hasn't affected how they run things. They're still trying to figure out where the data came from. AT&T is talking to everyone who was affected and has changed the passwords for 7.6 million customers who are still with them. They're also offering help to watch for identity theft where it's needed. AT&T's fast 5G service reaches about 290 million people in the U.S.

In February, thousands of people in the U.S. couldn't make calls or send texts because of an AT&T outage. This problem led to investigations by the government.


Q1. What happened with AT&T in February?

In February, AT&T had a big problem that stopped thousands of people in the U.S. from making calls or sending texts.

Q2. How many people were affected by the AT&T outage?

Thousands of AT&T users across the U.S. couldn't use their phones properly because of the outage.

Q3. Did the government do anything about the AT&T outage?

Yes, the government started investigating to find out why the outage happened and how to prevent it in the future.

Q4. What is AT&T doing to fix the issue?

AT&T worked to fix the outage quickly and is taking steps to prevent similar problems in the future.


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