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AT&T in Cost-Cutting Frenzy: Over 70,000 Jobs Cut as Financial Woes Deepens


AT&T, a large telecommunications company, is going through a tough time financially. The company isn't getting as many new phone service subscribers as before, and it owes more money now — around $143.3 billion in debt. They also have to spend a lot of money to fix some old cables that are a health concern.

To save money, AT&T plans to cut another $2 billion in expenses over the next three years. This is on top of the $6 billion they've already saved by spending less in different ways. One big way they save money is by laying off employees regularly, almost every month. The number of people working for AT&T has decreased greatly — from 281,000 to less than 160,000 in recent years. Since the start of 2021, they've let go of 74,130 workers, which is about one-third of their employees.

AT&T tried to attract more customers by giving away free phones, but this strategy isn't working anymore because of tough competition. They also decided to charge more for their best mobile plan to make more money. The company is also changing how it operates by reducing the number of its offices from 350 to just nine main ones, mostly in Dallas and Atlanta. Because of this, about 60,000 managers at AT&T have been told they must work from these main offices, and if they can't move, they might lose their jobs.

The company's HR chief, Angela Santone, who was one of the few top female leaders, has also left AT&T. This happened during a period when the company was trying to focus more on its main business in telecommunications after a failed attempt to compete with big media companies like Walt Disney and Netflix 1.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What areas does AT&T's 5G service cover, and how fast are the speeds?

Ans. AT&T's 5G service covers over 285 million people nationwide and is designed to be faster than 4G, enhancing services like video chats and entertainment. The exact speeds can vary, but 5G aims to provide a significant boost over the previous generation of mobile technology. Coverage and speed depend on having a compatible plan and device, and while AT&T's 5G is widely available, it's not accessible in every area yet.

Q2. What should I do if my internet is slow or not working?

  • Restart Your Modem: Unplug it, wait a minute, and plug it back in. Sometimes this can fix the problem.

  • Check for Outages: Look on the AT&T website or call them to see if there's an outage in your area.

  • Limit Devices: If too many devices are connected at once, it can slow things down. Try using fewer at a time.

  • Check Wires: Make sure all cables are plugged in tightly and aren't damaged.

  • Contact ISP: If you still have trouble, call AT&T's helpline or chat with them online for more help.

Q3. Does AT&T have data caps on its internet plans?

Ans. AT&T does have data caps on some of its internet plans. Once a customer exceeds their monthly data allowance, AT&T adds more data in 50GB increments, costing $10 for each additional 50 GB. The maximum overage charges are capped at $100 for AT&T Internet or $200 for DSL and Fixed Wireless Internet per billing period. Customers are notified via email when they reach 100% of their data usage in the first month and at 65%, 90%, and 100% usage thereafter. No overage charges are applied if a customer doesn't receive a notification from AT&T.

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