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Attention Gemini Users: Google's Major Privacy Warning You Can't Ignore!

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Google has recently made significant enhancements to its AI-driven chatbot, initially known as Bard, which is now rebranded as Gemini. Alongside this name change, Google introduced a new app for Android users and unveiled an advanced language model named Ultra 1.0. Despite these exciting updates, Google has issued a caution to users of Gemini, emphasizing the importance of not sharing any confidential or sensitive information during interactions with the chatbot.

This advisory stems from the fact that Google involves human reviewers in examining a portion of the conversations with Gemini. The purpose behind this review process is to enhance the quality of the service and further develop Google's products. To address privacy concerns, Google ensures that any identifiable information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, is removed before these conversations are reviewed.

Google has outlined these practices in a support document dated February 8, advising users to avoid sharing any confidential data they wouldn't want exposed to reviewers or used by Google to refine its products, services, and AI technologies. For users concerned about their privacy, Google offers the option to disable the saving of Gemini conversations to their Google Account. This can be managed through the Gemini Apps Activity section on the Google Activity website.

Despite the option to turn off activity tracking, it's important to note that Google still temporarily stores conversations with Gemini for up to 72 hours. This short-term storage is aimed at supporting the maintenance and improvement of the Gemini Apps.

The types of data Google collects from Gemini interactions include the content of conversations, user location, feedback, and usage information. When Gemini is configured as a mobile assistant, additional information is gathered to better understand and respond to user queries. Google clarifies that the collection of this data is vital for delivering, enhancing, and developing its products, services, and the machine-learning technologies that underpin the Gemini Apps.

In essence, while Gemini presents an advanced and versatile AI chat experience, Google's warning highlights the need for users to be mindful of their privacy and the type of information they share during their interactions with the chatbot.


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