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  • Parv Jain

Black Friday's Impact: Stock Surge Meets Seamless Shopping with Good Internet Deals

Shoppers really went all out shopping online during Thanksgiving and the Black Friday weekend. Instead of going to stores, most people liked buying things from their homes on the internet.

This year's Black Friday was a huge hit, especially online. It wasn't just about people buying a lot of stuff; it also made the stock prices of online shopping companies go way up. One big reason everything went so well was because of the awesome internet deals that made shopping easy and fast.

This Black Friday, people in the U.S. spent a record $9.8 billion online, which is 7.5% more than last year. This info comes from Adobe Analytics. Then, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, known as Cyber Weekend, online sales went up again by 7.7% to $10.3 billion. Cyber Monday is expected to be even bigger, with sales maybe hitting $12.4 billion. That could make it the biggest day for online shopping in the U.S. this year.

Lots of people chose to shop from their homes, and that meant big sales for companies that sell things online. This change from shopping in stores to shopping online has been growing, and it really showed this Black Friday.

The stock market, where people buy and sell parts of companies, really liked this. Stocks for these online shops became more valuable. A financial expert said that this shows people believe these companies will keep doing well.

  • E-Commerce Stocks Soar After Big Black Friday Sales

  • Shopify, Etsy, Wayfair Stocks Climb with Online Shopping Boom

All this online shopping was great news for companies that sell things online. On Monday, their stock prices went up because investors were happy with how well they did.

For example, Etsy and Wayfair's stocks went up about 3% and 7%. Amazon's stock also went up a little, by 0.6%. And Shopify, a company that makes software for online shops, saw its stock go up almost 5% after announcing that its users sold a record $4.1 billion worth of stuff.

Internet companies also did something cool. They knew lots of people would be online, so they made their internet even better and faster for Black Friday. They also had special deals on internet prices. A person from one of these companies said they wanted to make sure everyone could shop without any internet problems.

These great deals on internet service didn't just help people shop; they also made people happy because they could get fast internet without spending too much money.

People who study sales and investors are paying a lot of attention to how much people buy from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. This period is like a way to guess how the whole holiday shopping season will go. The National Retail Federation, which is a group for retail businesses, thinks people will spend more money this year compared to last year. They expect sales in November and December to go up by about 3% to 4% from last year.

Even though prices for many things are not rising as fast as before, the cost of food from the grocery store is still pretty high. Also, people having to start paying back their student loans again is making it harder for some of them to spend a lot on holiday shopping.

Experts think that this kind of online shopping, with the help of good and fast internet, is going to become more common. This Black Friday was a big example of how important it is to have a good internet connection for online shopping. So, as we get ready for more holiday shopping, it looks like online stores, the stock market, and internet companies will all be important for making sure we can buy what we want easily and quickly.


In conclusion, this year's Black Friday showed us how much online shopping is growing. Thanks to great internet deals, people could shop easily and quickly from home, leading to record-breaking sales. This boost in online shopping not only helped the companies selling stuff but also made their stock prices go up. This trend is likely to keep going, making fast and reliable internet more important than ever for holiday shopping. So, as we look forward to more shopping in the holiday season, it's clear that online stores, the stock market, and internet companies play a big role in helping us shop easily.

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