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Could Nvidia Soon Topple Apple as the Second-Most Valuable Company in the World?

Nvidia Surpassing Apple

Nvidia, a company known for its advanced computer chips, is on track to surpass Apple and become the world's second-most valuable company. Nvidia's chips are crucial for artificial intelligence (AI) applications, including OpenAI's ChatGPT, and this demand has significantly increased its stock value to $2.72 trillion over the past year.

Meanwhile, Apple, once the leading company, has dropped to second place behind Microsoft, mainly due to reduced demand for iPhones and strong competition in China. Apple's current market value is $2.93 trillion. According to Brian Mulberry from Zacks Investment Management, Apple's rate of new innovations has slowed, impacting its growth prospects.

On the other hand, Nvidia has experienced rapid growth across various sectors, starting with gaming, then cryptocurrency, and now AI. This ability to continuously innovate in high-demand areas has led to significant growth.

Nvidia plays a significant role in major U.S. stock indices like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, contributing to record highs in the stock market. It has also set a record by being the fastest company to grow its value from $1 trillion to $2 trillion in 2024, outpacing other tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Saudi Aramco.

Nvidia continues to exceed Wall Street’s expectations with its strong sales and profit figures, driven by high demand for its graphics processors, which are currently in short supply. Although its stock is trading at a high price, the potential for future earnings looks promising.

Nvidia is also very active in the derivatives market. Its ETF, which tracks the daily percentage change in Nvidia's stock, recently reached a turnover of $1 billion for the first time and has assets totaling $2.82 billion. Additionally, there's a notable increase in Nvidia's call option trading, indicating strong investor confidence in the company’s future performance.

Key Points

  1. Nvidia's Rapid Growth: Nvidia's stock value has nearly tripled over the past year, reaching $2.72 trillion, thanks to the high demand for its chips used in artificial intelligence applications like ChatGPT. This surge could soon make it more valuable than Apple.

  2. Apple's Market Challenges: Apple has lost its top position to Microsoft, facing decreased demand for iPhones and stiff competition in China. This has slowed down its growth, with its market valuation at $2.93 trillion.

  3. Significant Market Influence: Nvidia has become a major player in the stock market, heavily influencing major U.S. stock indices like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq. It also set a record as the fastest company to grow from $1 trillion to $2 trillion in market value in 2024.


Q1. What does Nvidia do?

Nvidia is a company that makes special computer chips needed for video games, digital currency creation, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like ChatGPT.

Q2. Why is Nvidia's stock price increasing so much?

Nvidia's stock price has nearly tripled in the last year, reaching a valuation of $2.72 trillion. This significant increase is largely due to the high demand for its chips, which are essential for various AI applications.

Q3. What would it mean if Nvidia became the world’s second-most valuable company?

If Nvidia surpasses Apple to become the world’s second-most valuable company, it would indicate a major shift in the technology landscape, emphasizing the increasing value of AI and chip technology over traditional consumer electronics.

Q4. What does Nvidia's growth mean for investors?

Nvidia's rapid growth and significant influence on the tech market suggest strong investor confidence and potential for further development, making it an attractive investment.


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