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Did Apple's iPad Pro ad receive criticism for portraying guitars and a piano being destroyed?

Apple says sorry

Apple made an unusual move on Thursday, issuing an apology for a recent ad promoting the iPad Pro after it faced significant criticism on social media. The video, shared by CEO Tim Cook on X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube, showed creative tools like a guitar, piano, and metronome being crushed by a hydraulic press to form the new tablet.

Apple's Marketing VP Tor Myhren told Ad Age that the company aimed to celebrate how users express themselves and bring their ideas to life through the iPad, but they "missed the mark" with this video. Apple has decided not to air the ad on TV.

The video triggered a wave of criticism, with viewers feeling that the ad made Apple appear disconnected from its audience and that destroying creative tools was offensive. Some critics argued that the negative response signaled a decline in Apple's customer goodwill, rather than promoting its marketing message effectively. Historically, Apple has worked closely with the TBWA\Media Arts Lab advertising agency, though it also develops some ads in-house.

Key Points

  1. Apple apologized for an iPad Pro ad after it was widely criticized on social media for being offensive.

  2. The ad generated significant media attention and criticism, as viewers felt it portrayed Apple as out of touch by depicting the destruction of creative tools.


Q1. What did the Apple iPad Pro ad show that sparked controversy?

The ad showed creative tools, including a guitar, piano, and metronome, being crushed by a hydraulic press until they formed an iPad, which viewers found offensive.

Q2. How did viewers and media react to the controversial ad?

Viewers and media outlets felt the ad made Apple appear out of touch and criticized the destruction of creative tools, which they found offensive.

Q3. Where was the ad posted before being criticized?

The ad was posted on X (formerly Twitter) by Apple CEO Tim Cook and on YouTube.

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