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Elon Musk's Mom Says Biden Blocks His World-Changing Plans as Starlink Loses $900M

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Maye Musk, mother of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, accused President Biden of obstructing her son's efforts to "make this world a better place." Her criticism follows the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) decision to not grant SpaceX's satellite internet unit, Starlink, a subsidy of nearly $900 million intended for rural broadband services.

Expressing her displeasure on a social media platform overseen by her son, Maye Musk questioned the FCC's assessment of Starlink's capabilities. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, who opposed the decision, echoed her sentiments, suggesting a trend of regulatory actions against Elon Musk's ventures.

Elon Musk, who has previously clashed with the Biden administration, supported these claims, hinting at biased treatment from the White House. This incident adds to a series of public defenses by Maye Musk for her son, including her response to a New York Times article and a plea for empathy in a BBC documentary. The situation highlights ongoing tensions between Elon Musk's business interests and the current U.S. administration.


Q1. What is Starlink?

Starlink is a satellite internet service developed by SpaceX, aimed at providing high-speed internet globally, particularly in remote and underserved areas.

Q2. How does Starlink work?

Starlink uses a network of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites to provide internet connectivity. These satellites communicate with ground transceivers to deliver internet services.

Q3. Who is behind Starlink?

Starlink is a project of SpaceX, a private space exploration company founded by Elon Musk.

Q4. What are the benefits of using Starlink?

Starlink offers high-speed internet access in areas where traditional broadband is unavailable or unreliable. It's particularly beneficial for rural and remote locations.

Q5. Is Starlink available worldwide?

Starlink is progressively rolling out worldwide. Availability depends on the region and the number of satellites in orbit serving that area.

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