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Google's CEO Sundar Pichai Discusses Largest Layoff in 25 Years: Admits Room for Improvement

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Largest Layoff in 25 Years

Last year, Google's parent company Alphabet had to let go of 12,000 employees, the biggest layoff in its history.

In a recent meeting, Google's CEO Sundar Pichai spoke about this tough choice. He said that reducing the workforce by 6% was a hard but necessary step. According to a report, this was discussed in Google's latest big meeting.

A Google employee asked Pichai about how this layoff affected the company's growth and the staff's morale. Pichai admitted that it was one of the most challenging moments Google has faced in 25 years and that it significantly impacted employee morale. He explained that not cutting these jobs would have been worse in the long run, making it tough for the company to invest in important areas.

However, Pichai also mentioned that the way they handled the layoffs could have been better. He pointed out that cutting off access immediately for those who were laid off and informing everyone at the same time, regardless of their time zone, wasn't the right approach. He expressed regret over this, saying it's something they should have done differently.


Q1: Why did Google lay off 12,000 employees last year?

Google's parent company, Alphabet, had to lay off 12,000 employees as a tough but necessary decision to maintain the company's long-term health and ability to invest in key areas.

Q2: How significant was this layoff for Google?

This layoff was the largest in Google's history, impacting 6% of its workforce and marking a significant moment for the company.

Q3: What did Sundar Pichai say about the layoffs' impact on Google's growth?

Sundar Pichai acknowledged that the layoffs were challenging and affected the morale of the employees. He believed not doing so would have been more detrimental to Google's future growth.

Q4: What was the main reason behind these layoffs according to Sundar Pichai?

Pichai indicated that the layoffs were necessary to reduce costs and restructure the company for more strategic investments and growth.

Q5: Are more layoffs expected at Google shortly?

Sundar Pichai did not indicate any immediate plans for further layoffs, but the situation can depend on the company's future financial performance and market conditions.


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