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Grab Your Share of Verizon's Settlement: Who Gets $100 and How?

Verizon Settlement

Some Verizon customers might get a nice surprise: a chance to get back up to $100. This is because of a big lawsuit settlement for $100 million. Verizon is accused of adding extra fees to bills that weren't clear to customers. These fees, called "administrative charges," weren't shown in the advertised price of their plans.

Verizon disagrees with the lawsuit. They say they've always been clear about the extra admin charges. They mention these fees when you buy a plan, in ads, contracts, and bills. Verizon explains that this charge helps pay for government rules and network costs.

The court in New Jersey, where Verizon's main office is, agreed to a big $100 million deal. This deal combines four lawsuits against Verizon. Although the court said yes in December, they need one more meeting in March to make sure it's fair.

Also, the government is paying attention to hidden extra charges, often called "junk fees." Many people don't like these fees. Last October, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) suggested a new rule. This rule would stop businesses from adding sneaky charges and make them show the total price right away. This is part of the government's plan to make things clearer and fairer for people buying stuff.

How to Apply

Applying for the Verizon settlement payout is straightforward. There's a special website set up where you fill out a form. You'll need to provide the phone number linked to your Verizon account and choose how you'd like to get the money - options include a check, Venmo, or bank wire.

The minimum amount you can receive is $15, which could be more based on how long you've been with Verizon and how many people apply. Remember, you must file a claim to get this payout. This offer is only for customers who had postpaid wireless accounts or data plans with Verizon from January 1, 2016, to November 8, 2023.

If you don't file a claim, you won't be able to sue Verizon later for the same reasons covered in this lawsuit, as stated on the website.


Q1: What is the Verizon settlement about?

Verizon has agreed to a $100 million settlement due to a lawsuit about undisclosed "administrative charges" on customers' bills.

Q2: Who is eligible for the Verizon settlement?

Customers with Verizon postpaid wireless accounts or data plans active between January 1, 2016, and November 8, 2023, can apply.

Q3: What are the payment options for the Verizon settlement?

You can receive your payment via check, Venmo, or bank wire transfer.

Q4: How much money can I receive from the settlement?

The minimum payout is $15, but the amount could be higher depending on the duration of your Verizon service and the total number of claims filed.

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