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How Do I Cancel My ViaSat Subscription?

How to cancel Viasat Subscription

If you're thinking about canceling your ViaSat subscription, you're not alone. Sometimes, our internet needs to change, or we find a better deal elsewhere. Canceling a service like ViaSat, which provides satellite internet, can seem a bit complicated. But don't worry! In this Blog, we'll go through the steps you need to follow to cancel your ViaSat subscription. We'll make it simple and straightforward, so you can move on to your next internet service without any hassle. Whether it's about avoiding extra fees or knowing the right way to cancel, we've got you covered. Let's dive in!

Are You Eligible To Cancel Your ViaSat Service?

When it comes to canceling your Viasat service, the first thing you need to check is whether you're eligible to do so. Being 'eligible' means that you can cancel the service according to the terms you agreed to when you first signed up.

You have the option to cancel your Viasat plan whenever you want. But, if you cancel before finishing your 24-month (2-year) contract, there's an early termination fee. This fee is $15 for each month left in your contract.

For example, if you have 6 months left, the fee would be 6 times $15, which is $90. It's important to consider this cost if you're thinking about canceling early.

If your contract period is over, then you're in the clear. You can cancel your service without these extra fees. It's similar to moving out of an apartment once your lease is up; you're free to go without extra charges.

Also, there might be special circumstances where you can cancel without a fee, even if you're still in the contract. For example, if you're moving to a place where Viasat doesn't provide service, they might let you cancel without a penalty.

Canceling Your ViaSat Service Online

Right now, if you want to stop your Viasat service, you can't do it through their website. Instead, you need to make a phone call and speak with a person from their customer support team to cancel your subscription. This requires a direct conversation rather than an online process.

Canceling Your ViaSat Service Over The Phone

Canceling your Viasat service over the phone is a simple process. Here's a guide to help you:

  1. Check if You Can Cancel: Before calling, see if you can cancel without a penalty. If you're still in your 2-year contract, you might have to pay $15 for each month left. But if your contract is over or you're in a special situation (like moving to a place without Viasat), you might not have to pay this.

  2. Look at Your Account: Go online to your Viasat account or check your latest bill. This will help you understand your contract and any fees you might owe.

  3. Call Viasat Customer Service: To cancel, you need to talk to someone at Viasat. Call them at (855) 463-9333. You can't cancel just by using their website.

  4. Get Ready for the Call: Have your account information with you when you call. Tell them clearly why you want to cancel. If you think you shouldn't pay a fee (like if you're moving to a place without Viasat), let them know.

  5. Return Equipment: If you have things like a satellite dish or modem from Viasat, you'll need to send them back. Ask the person on the phone how to do this and where to send it.

  6. Pay Any Fees: If you have to pay for canceling early or any other fees, make sure you do this to avoid problems.

  7. Make Sure It's Canceled: After you call, Viasat should send you an email or letter to confirm your service is canceled. Keep this for your records.

  8. Check Your Last Bill: Keep an eye on your final bill to make sure all the charges are right and that your service is stopped.

By following these steps, you can end your Viasat subscription easily over the phone. Remember to have your account details ready to make the call go smoothly.

Canceling Your ViaSat Service In Person

Currently, you can't cancel your Viasat service by going somewhere in person. Instead, you have to call them. On the call, you'll speak with a customer service team member who will assist you with the process of stopping your Viasat subscription.

How To Return Your ViaSat Equipment

Returning your Viasat equipment is easy. After you cancel your service, Viasat will tell you how to send back their stuff like the modem and satellite dish. Usually, they give you a box with a return label. Here's what you do:

  1. Pack the Equipment: Put the modem, dish, and any other Viasat equipment in the box.

  2. Label the Box: Stick the return label Viasat gave you on the box. This label has the address you need to send it to.

  3. Send It Back: Drop the box off at a shipping center or post office.

  4. Keep a Receipt: When you send it, get a receipt. This proves you returned everything.

Make sure you send everything back within the time Viasat tells you to avoid extra charges.


In conclusion, canceling your ViaSat subscription is a manageable process if you follow the right steps. Whether you're still within your contract period or it has ended, understanding the terms and potential fees is crucial. Remember, cancelation cannot be done online or in person; it requires a phone call to ViaSat's customer service. Be prepared with your account details and reasons for canceling. Also, don't forget to return any leased equipment like the modem and satellite dish to avoid additional charges. Keep track of all communications and final billings to ensure a smooth transition away from ViaSat. By keeping these points in mind, you can cancel your ViaSat service effectively and move on to your next internet provider with ease.


Q1. Is there a trial period for Viasat?

Viasat doesn't typically offer a trial period for its services. Once you subscribe, you're usually committed to the terms of the contract, which includes a 24-month commitment and potential fees for early cancellation.

Q2. How do I contact ViaSat customer service for cancellation?

Answer: You can reach ViaSat customer service for cancellation by calling their dedicated line at (855) 463-9333. Make sure to have your account information ready for a quicker process.

Q3. What information do I need to have ready when I call to cancel my ViaSat service?

When you call to cancel, have your account number, the name on the account, and any associated billing information ready. It's also helpful to know your reason for cancellation, especially if you're seeking a fee waiver for special circumstances.

Q4. Are there any situations where I can cancel ViaSat without a penalty?

Answer: Yes, if you've completed your 24-month contract, you can cancel without a penalty. Also, in certain situations like moving to an area without ViaSat coverage, you might be able to cancel without incurring the early termination fee.

Q5. How can I confirm that my ViaSat service has been successfully canceled?

Once you've completed the cancellation process over the phone, ViaSat will send you a confirmation via email or regular mail. Keep this confirmation for your records and monitor your final bill to ensure the service is officially stopped.

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