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Incognito Mode: Is it Really Safe to use in 2024?

Updated: Jan 10

Is it Really Safe to use Incognito Mode in 2024?

Incognito mode is like a secret mode in your web browser. When you use it, it's like your browser forgets what you did after you're done.

So, if you search for something or visit websites, it won't keep a record on your computer. This means if someone else uses your computer, they can't see what you looked at.

But, it's important to know that this doesn't make you invisible online.

The websites you go to, your internet company, and some other businesses can still see what you're doing, even in incognito mode. It's great for keeping your searches private on your device, but not from everyone else.

Using Incognito Mode in 2024

Using Incognito Mode in 2024 is like having a secret diary that erases itself after you're done writing. When you open your web browsers, like Chrome or Safari, you can choose to go 'Incognito'. In this mode, the browser doesn't remember what websites you visit or what you search for.

For example, imagine you're looking for a birthday gift for a family member on your shared computer. You use Incognito Mode to search for gifts. After you're done and close the browser, there's no history of what you looked for. So, your family member won't accidentally find out what surprise gift you're planning. But remember, Incognito Mode doesn't hide your activity from the internet provider or the websites you visit. It just keeps it secret from other people who might use your computer.

How Do I Use Incognito Mode?

How to Use Incognito Mode on Windows?

  • Click on the Chrome Menu (represented by three vertical dots) located in the top-right corner of the browser, and then choose the option for "New Incognito Window."

How to Use Incognito Mode on Windows?

  • A New Incognito Window Will Appear

Incognito Mode Window

How to Use Incognito Mode on Your Android Phone?

  • Launch Google Chrome, and in the upper-right corner, you will notice three vertically aligned dots.

  • Then select the New incognito tab.

How to Use Incognito Mode on Your Android Phone?

  • You are now in private browsing mode, and your incognito search history will not be stored.

How to Use Incognito Mode on Your Android Phone?

Is Incognito mode actually private?

Incognito mode is a bit private, but not completely. When you use it, your browser doesn't save what websites you visit or what you search for. It's like your browser has a short memory and forgets everything after you close it.

But, if you save a website as a bookmark or download a file, those things will still be on your computer. Anyone who uses your computer can see them.

Normally, when you surf the web without incognito mode, your browser remembers everything – the sites you visit, your searches, and even little bits of information from websites called cookies.

These stay in your browser until you delete them.

If you want more privacy, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN hides your internet activity from your internet provider and makes it harder for websites to track you. It's like a secret tunnel for your internet use that keeps it hidden from others. But remember, even with a VPN and incognito mode, some things can still be seen by websites and internet providers.

Does incognito hide your IP?

Incognito mode doesn't hide your IP address.

Think of your IP address as your home address on the internet. Even in incognito, websites can see this address.

It's like sending a letter without a return address - the post office still knows where you sent it from.

Why do people use Incognito Mode?

People use incognito mode, a private way to browse the internet, so their searches and visited websites aren't saved on their devices.

This is handy when you don't want others using the same device to see your history. It's like browsing without leaving footprints. Incognito mode doesn't save cookies, which are small files websites use to remember you.

This is useful for keeping your activities private, especially on shared computers.

However, it doesn't hide your activity from your internet provider or the websites you visit.

For more privacy, some people use a VPN, which hides your IP address, making it harder to track your online location. Incognito mode is great for private searches, secret gift shopping, or logging into multiple accounts at once.

Some Simple Reasons why people use Incognito Mode:

why people use Incognito Mode

  1. Privacy on Shared Computers: If you share a computer with family or friends, using incognito mode keeps your browsing private. No one can see which websites you visited after you close the incognito window.

  2. Signing into Multiple Accounts: Imagine you have two email accounts – one for personal use and another for work. Normally, if you want to check both accounts on the same browser, you'd have to sign out of one to access the other. But with incognito mode, you can do this more easily.

  3. Searching Sensitive Topics:  If you're looking up something personal or sensitive, like health or financial information, incognito mode ensures it doesn't show up in your search history later.

  4. Avoiding Cookies: Websites use cookies to remember you and your preferences. Incognito doesn’t save these cookies, so websites can’t use them to track your past visits.

  5. Protect yourself from tracking: Using incognito mode can help protect you from being tracked online. For example, if you're shopping for shoes online in incognito mode, the shoe ads won't follow you to other websites you visit later. This is because incognito mode doesn't save cookies, which websites use to track your browsing.


Incognito mode is like a secret path for web browsing. It helps keep your online searches private on your computer, especially when sharing it with others. But remember, it doesn't hide everything from everyone. It's good for privacy on your device, but not for total online invisibility.


Q1: Does Incognito Mode make me completely anonymous online?

No, Incognito Mode doesn't make you completely anonymous. It only prevents your browser from saving your activities. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the websites you visit, and sometimes your employer can still track your online actions.

Q2: Can I still be tracked using Incognito Mode?

Yes, you can still be tracked by websites, your ISP, and others, even when using Incognito Mode. It doesn't hide your IP address or encrypt your internet traffic.

Q3: Why should I use Incognito Mode?

Incognito Mode is useful for keeping your browsing history private on your own device, which is especially helpful on shared computers. It's also good for logging into multiple accounts simultaneously and conducting private searches.

Q4: Does Incognito Mode save downloads?

Files you download and bookmarks you create will be kept. However, your browsing history, cookies, and site data won't be saved once the incognito window is closed.

Q5: Is Incognito Mode beneficial for online shopping?

Yes, it can be. Incognito Mode can prevent websites from tracking your shopping habits, potentially leading to more unbiased pricing and less targeted advertising.

For Example, you're shopping online for a new pair of sneakers. If you do this in a regular browser window, the shoe store's website might put cookies on your computer. These cookies track what you're looking at. Later, you might see ads for the same sneakers on different websites, or even notice that the price changes when you check again.

Now, if you shop in Incognito Mode, the store can't put those tracking cookies on your computer. This means you're less likely to see targeted ads for the sneakers later. Also, the prices might be more consistent because the store can't track your interest in the product. Incognito Mode helps keep your shopping private and can sometimes help you avoid dynamic pricing strategies used by online retailers.

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