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Inside the Battle: Google vs. U.S. on Ad Control


On Friday, there was a major courtroom debate between Google and the U.S. government. They discussed whether Google has been unfairly controlling the market for online ads. The government believes this is a significant issue because it could influence the future of the internet.

Judge Amit Mehta asked many tough questions. He was particularly interested in whether companies could use other websites like TikTok and Facebook for their advertisements instead of Google.

Judge Mehta is trying to figure out if these platforms can be real alternatives to Google. He plans to decide on Google's actions under antitrust laws in the coming months.

During the discussions, it was mentioned that Google makes most of its revenue from ads. The U.S. government's lawyer, David Dahlquist, argued that Google is so powerful in the ad industry that it can raise prices or stop improving its services without losing money.

However, Google's lawyer, John Schmidtlein, countered that Google is facing more competition from other sites where people can be targeted by ads, like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon. He claimed that because users can go to these other sites, Google has to keep improving its services and pricing.

The case, which began on September 12, has the Justice Department claiming that Google has a monopoly and has misused its power for financial gain. They discussed how Google pays big money to be the default search engine on many devices, helping it to stay dominant.

This Friday, they will also talk about whether Google deliberately deleted certain documents that could have been important for the case. The government suspects that these missing documents could have hurt Google's position.

No immediate decision will be made after the arguments. This lawsuit was initiated during the Trump administration as part of broader efforts to check the influence of large tech companies. This crackdown continues under President Biden, targeting other big tech names like Amazon and Apple as well.


Q1. Who is involved in the case against Google?

The U.S. Justice Department is suing Google, and the case is being overseen by Judge Amit Mehta.

Q2. What are the main arguments from the U.S. government against Google?

The government argues that Google has too much control over online advertising, allowing it to set high prices and limit improvements to its services because it faces little competition.

Q3. What will Judge Mehta decide in the case?

Judge Mehta will determine whether Google has violated antitrust laws by abusing its dominant position in the online advertising market.


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