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  • Parv Jain

Is Neuralink's First Human Brain Implant Project Experiencing Problems?


Neuralink, Elon Musk's venture, disclosed a malfunction in its brain implant following its debut in a human recipient.

This implant, known as the Link, facilitates a brain-computer interface (BCI), allowing paralyzed individuals to control external devices with their thoughts.

Installed in a 29-year-old named Noland Arbaugh in January, the device initially showed promise.

However, subsequent reports revealed that some of the implant's threads had retracted from Arbaugh's brain, affecting its performance.

Although the exact number of threads retracted remains undisclosed, Neuralink has taken steps to address the issue, including software updates and interface enhancements.

Despite setbacks, Arbaugh continues to use the BCI extensively, highlighting its positive impact on his life.

While Neuralink isn't alone in BCI research, it faces rigorous testing before potential FDA approval for commercialization.


  1. Neuralink's brain implant had problems after it was first used in a person.

  2. The company made a device to help paralyzed people control things with their thoughts.

  3. A person named Noland Arbaugh had threads from the implant move out of place in their brain.


Q1. Was the person who got the implant in danger?

Reports say the problem didn't immediately hurt the person who got the implant, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Q2. Are there other companies working on similar technology?

Yes, other companies and researchers are working on brain-computer interfaces, but Neuralink is one of the most well-known.

Q3. What caused the brain implant malfunction?

Neuralink mentioned that several threads from the implant moved out of place, but the exact cause of this problem is not yet fully disclosed.

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