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Keep Your iPhone Smart: Upgrade Its Intelligence Today

Apple Launches New AI Feature, But Some iPhones Need an Upgrade

Apple New AI

On Monday, Apple introduced its new artificial intelligence feature called Apple Intelligence. However, to use it on your iPhone, you might need to upgrade your device.

According to Apple’s website, Apple Intelligence is compatible with devices that use the M1 chip, such as the iPad Air, iPad Pro, and Macs. This includes most products from the past few years. However, it will only work on the 2023 iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro, not the regular iPhone 15.

This could encourage more people to upgrade their iPhones this fall.

In the second quarter, Apple reported $45.96 billion in iPhone sales, which was nearly 10% lower than the same period last year. This suggests there is less demand for the current iPhones released in September.

When Apple Intelligence launches in beta this fall, it will offer a variety of features. It can proofread or rewrite your text in a friendly or professional tone, create custom emojis called “Genmoji,” search your iPhone for specific messages, summarize and transcribe phone calls, and show you priority notifications. It can even use OpenAI’s ChatGPT to give you more detailed answers through Siri.

Key Points

  • Apple took a big step into artificial intelligence on Monday by announcing Apple Intelligence. To use this feature on your phone, you'll need at least this year's high-end iPhone 15 Pro.

  • 2. According to Apple’s website, Apple Intelligence will also work on devices with the M1 chip, such as the iPad Air, iPad Pro, and Macs.


Q1. What is Apple Intelligence?

Apple Intelligence is a new artificial intelligence feature announced by Apple. It can help with tasks like proofreading, creating custom emojis, searching messages, and providing detailed answers through Siri.

Q2. Which iPhones can run Apple Intelligence?

Apple Intelligence requires at least this year’s iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max to run on an iPhone.

Q3. . What can Apple Intelligence do?

It can proofread and rewrite text, create custom emojis called “Genmoji,” search through messages, summarize and transcribe phone calls, show priority notifications, and provide detailed answers through Siri using OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Q4. Why might I need to upgrade my iPhone to use Apple Intelligence?

The new AI feature requires the advanced capabilities of the latest iPhone models or devices with the M1 chip to function properly.


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