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Many Americans Risk Losing Internet Access Today

Internet access

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), a big help for low-income Americans to afford fast internet, is ending today. This program was a major support for people needing internet to work from home, study, and stay connected.

What Was the Affordable Connectivity Program?

Back in 2021, the U.S. government passed a large bill to improve infrastructure, called the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. This bill included the ACP, which set aside $14.2 billion to make the Internet more affordable for low-income families. Families earning less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline got a monthly discount on their internet bills, with even bigger discounts for those living on Tribal lands.

Why Is the ACP Ending?

The simple reason: money. The program needed more funding from Congress to continue, which it didn't get despite multiple requests from the Biden administration and support from various organizations.

Who Will Be Affected?

Over 23 million households benefited from the ACP. Now, they'll have to find other ways to afford their internet or face higher bills.

What's Next for Those Affected?

With the ACP gone, many will face full internet costs. However, there’s still a bit of help available through the Lifeline program, which offers a smaller monthly discount. The White House is also pushing for internet companies to offer low-cost options, but it’s uncertain if they will.

What You Can Do

If you didn't receive any notification about the end of ACP, call your internet provider. You may need to look into other discounts or cheaper plans they offer. The FCC has more information and can help with complaints if needed.

Key Takeaways

  • End of Help: The ACP ended due to a lack of further funding.

  • Full Price Ahead: Those who got discounts now need to pay full price or find other discounts.

  • Looking for Options: Check out Lifeline or contact your provider for other affordable plans.


Q1. What if I didn’t get a notice?

Contact your provider for information and next steps.

Q2. What if I can’t afford the internet now?

Explore programs like Lifeline, ask about cheaper plans, or seek help from local charities.

Q3. Why did the ACP end?

It didn’t get the necessary funds from Congress to continue.


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