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Microsoft's Xbox to Launch Four Games on Other Platforms

Microsoft's Xbox division, under the leadership of CEO Phil Spencer, has announced plans to release four video game titles on external platforms, expanding beyond their traditional Xbox ecosystem. This move comes as part of Microsoft's strategy to reach a broader audience of gamers, following its massive $69 billion acquisition of game developer Activision Blizzard.

Phil Spencer revealed this information during a podcast appearance, although he did not specify which games would be released on other platforms. He mentioned that these titles have been accessible to Xbox players for at least a year, signaling Microsoft's intent to share its exclusive content more widely. However, Spencer clarified that the games making their way to other platforms do not include the highly anticipated "Starfield" or the upcoming "Indiana Jones" game.

In discussing the future of the gaming industry, Spencer suggested that exclusive games, which are only available on a single hardware platform, will play a less significant role in the coming five to ten years. This prediction aligns with Microsoft's broader aim to enhance its position in the competitive video game market and present a stronger challenge to Sony, the current industry leader known for its PlayStation console. Sony recently had to lower its sales forecast for the PlayStation 5 for the fiscal year ending in March.

Additionally, Microsoft disclosed last month that it would be reducing its workforce, laying off 1,900 employees from Activision Blizzard and Xbox. This decision affects approximately 8% of the total staff in Microsoft's Gaming division.

Spencer's remarks on the importance of game exclusivity emerged shortly after a Sony executive highlighted the financial benefits of bringing first-party games to multiple platforms. Echoing this approach, Microsoft has announced that "Diablo IV," a game from the newly acquired Activision Blizzard, will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers starting March 28, as noted in an Xbox blog post.

The announcement reflects a broader industry trend towards multi-game subscription services, like Sony's PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass. However, research firm NewZoo anticipates a slowdown in the growth of these services within the year.

Overall, Microsoft's strategy to release Xbox games on external platforms marks a significant shift in the gaming industry, aiming to foster wider accessibility and inclusivity among gamers, irrespective of their preferred gaming hardware.


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