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New Microsoft Keyboards: Press One Button to Use AI

New Microsoft Keyboards

Microsoft has announced a new update to their Windows keyboards: a special 'Copilot key'. This new button will allow users to easily access Microsoft's Copilot service. This is the first major update to the Windows keyboard in almost 30 years. Microsoft, a leading tech company based in Redmond, Washington, is investing heavily in artificial intelligence (AI). Adding this key to their keyboards is a part of their plan to include more AI features in personal computers.

New computers are coming out with special chips that can run big AI programs directly on them. This is a big change because before, these programs needed the internet to work. Experts think these AI computers will make more people buy personal computers again, especially after 2025. Microsoft announced that some new Windows 11 computers will have a special AI button. These will be shown at the big CES technology event in Las Vegas this month. This button will make it easier for people to use AI features on their computers.

Microsoft has announced that the new AI button, called the 'Copilot key', will be available after February this year. This button will also be included in the upcoming Surface devices. The Copilot service, introduced in November, can do many things like summarizing text and helping in virtual meetings. It is designed to work with all of Microsoft's online and office apps.


Q1: What is the 'Copilot key' on Microsoft keyboards?

It's a new button on Windows keyboards that lets you quickly use Microsoft's Copilot service.

Q2: When will the 'Copilot key' be available?

Microsoft plans to make it available after February this year.

Q3: What can the Copilot service do?

Copilot can help with tasks like summarizing text and assisting in virtual meetings.

Q4: Will the new AI features affect how we use computers?

Yes, with these AI features, using computers for work and other tasks will become easier.


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