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Sheryl Sandberg to Leave Meta Board After 12 Years

Sheryl Sandberg to Leave Meta

Sheryl Sandberg, who used to be the main operating officer at Meta Platforms, has announced that she will leave her job on the company's board of directors. She shared this news in a post on Facebook on Wednesday. Her decision to step down will take effect after her current term ends in May.

In her Facebook post, Sandberg mentioned that Meta, the company behind Facebook, is doing well and looks set to continue being successful in the future. She feels that now is a good time for her to leave her position. Even though she is stepping down, she plans to keep helping the company by working as an adviser.

Sandberg has been a key figure at Meta for a long time, and her decision to leave the board marks a big change for the company.

Sheryl Sandberg, a key leader at Meta Platforms for many years, has made a big decision. After working as the company's chief operating officer for over 14 years and being on its board for 12 years, she has decided to leave her role on the board. She stepped down from her role as the COO, which is a top position in the company, back in 2022.

Sandberg was critical of Meta, almost as much as Mark Zuckerberg, who started the company. She was well-known and had a big role in how the company made money, mostly through advertising. Her decision to leave the board is a major event for Meta.


Q1. Who is Sheryl Sandberg?

Sheryl Sandberg is a prominent business executive who served as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Meta Platforms (formerly known as Facebook) for over 14 years. She was also a member of Meta's board of directors for 12 years.

Q2. Why did Sheryl Sandberg step down from Meta's board?

Sheryl Sandberg decided to step down from Meta's board after completing her term. She felt that with Meta being in a strong and well-positioned state for the future, it was the right time for her to leave.

Q3. Will Sheryl Sandberg continue to be involved with Meta after leaving the board?

Sandberg plans to continue her involvement with Meta as an adviser to the company, even after stepping down from the board.

Q4. Has Meta announced a replacement for Sandberg on the board?

As of now, there has been no specific announcement about a direct replacement for Sandberg on Meta's board.


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