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Starlink Offers 50% Discount with Slower Speeds

Starlink Offers 50% Discount with Slower Speeds

SpaceX's Starlink has been making waves in the world of satellite internet by offering high-speed, reliable internet to users in even the most remote areas.

And now, the company is taking another step towards making its services more accessible by introducing a new discounted plan in New Zealand.

This new plan comes with a reduced price tag of NZ$79 (US$49) per month, compared to the standard plan priced at NZ$159 (US$98) per month.

However, users opting for the discounted plan can expect download speeds ranging between 50-100Mbps, in contrast to the faster speeds of 150-250Mbps offered by the standard service..

One of the key considerations for potential users of this plan is the prioritization of network traffic.

SpaceX has clarified that the 'Deprioritized' service will be given lower priority during peak hours, meaning that speeds may drop further when network traffic is high.

This is a necessary tradeoff to ensure that users on the standard plan experience faster and more consistent speeds, particularly during times of heavy usage.

But why has SpaceX decided to introduce this discounted plan with slower speeds?

The move to introduce a discounted plan with slower speeds could be attributed to ample network capacity in New Zealand.

According to, the country boasts some of the fastest download speeds, ranging from 158Mbps to 266Mbps. This contrasts with the US, where speeds typically range between 38Mbps to 104Mbps, especially in certain regions.

While this discounted plan is currently only available in New Zealand, there is speculation about its potential expansion to other regions.

Historically, SpaceX has been hesitant to offer discounts on Starlink within the US, although exceptions have been made for areas with surplus network capacity.

It remains to be seen if the company will extend the Deprioritized plan to other markets, leaving customers outside of New Zealand eagerly awaiting further updates.

SpaceX's Starlink is once again shaking up the satellite internet industry with its new Deprioritized plan in New Zealand.

By offering a discounted plan with slower speeds, the company is making its services more accessible and challenging the traditional internet providers in the process.

We can only hope that this plan will eventually be extended to other regions, making high-speed internet accessible to even more people around the world.

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