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T-Mobile Takes the Lead: Now the Largest Prepaid Carrier Over Verizon!

Tmobile takes the lead

T-Mobile now has more people using its pay-as-you-go plans than Verizon.

Looking at their Q3 2023 earnings report, T-Mobile had 21.6 million people signed up for the prepaid phone services which is a bit more than Verizon's 21.4 million.

While AT&T had only 19.4 million prepaid customers.

Before the third quarter, Verizon was the top company for prepaid phones in the U.S. after they bought another company called TracFone in 2021, which added over 20 million prepaid customers to their count. But since then, they've been losing customers bit by bit.

T-mobile confirmed it has surpassed Verizon and said we have more prepaid customers than Verizon now because they've been doing steadily well, but they didn't share more details.

When Verizon bought TracFone, It was the biggest independent phone service company that didn't have its own network in the U.S. They lost some customers because these people were already using T-Mobile/AT&T's network through TracFone and didn't want to change to Verizon's network, even though most TracFone customers were already using Verizon's network.

Marking progress:

In the latest talks about how the company is doing, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg, said they are doing well in adding TracFone into Verizon. He mentioned in the 3rd quarter talk that prepaid plans are a big deal for Verizon's plans and talked about opening more stores and teaming up with big stores to make their services better.

Verizon decided to focus more on pay-as-you-go plans. Ho thinks maybe Verizon is okay with losing some cheaper plan customers to make more money overall.

T-Mobile's leaders have been saying they're moving some pay-as-you-go customers to monthly plans.

Verizon is working hard to make its pay-as-you-go business better. Straight Talk, one of its services, is giving discounts for families. Also, the famous Jim Gaffigan is in their ads. Visible, another service from Verizon, is trying to be really good at offering prepaid services online.


Q1. : Is T-Mobile better than Verizon now?

T-Mobile is ahead in 5G coverage and mobile hotspot allowances, while Verizon does slightly better in 4G LTE coverage, prices, and perks.

Q2: Who has better 5G, Verizon or T-Mobile?

T-Mobile covers more of the country with 5G, but Verizon's 5G can be faster where it's available.

Q3: Does T-Mobile use Verizon towers?

No, T-Mobile has its network and does not use Verizon towers.


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