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Telespazio Partners with SpaceX to Expand Starlink Services

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Telespazio, a joint venture between the Italian company Leonardo and the French company Thales, has signed an agreement with Elon Musk's SpaceX to sell services from SpaceX's satellite unit, Starlink.

Starlink owns about 60% of the 7,500 satellites orbiting the earth and is a leader in satellite internet services. These satellites, located in low-earth orbit, are designed to provide broadband internet worldwide, especially in rural areas where other networks are lacking.

As part of the deal, Telespazio will integrate Starlink into its current network, which includes both satellite and terrestrial options. This agreement will enhance Telespazio's offerings in the satellite communications sector, enabling it to better serve institutions and key industries like energy and maritime.

Recently, Telespazio became fully integrated into Leonardo, which is state-controlled. This move aligns with Leonardo's broader strategy to invest in space as a key area of growth.

Key Points

  1. Telespazio Partners with SpaceX: Telespazio has teamed up with SpaceX to sell Starlink's satellite internet services.

  2. Improved Connectivity: This partnership will enhance Telespazio's network, combining Starlink satellites with existing satellite and ground-based options.

  3. Focus on Key Industries: The deal will help Telespazio better serve important sectors like energy and maritime with improved communication services.


Q. What is the new partnership between Telespazio and SpaceX about?

Telespazio has teamed up with SpaceX to commercialize Starlink's satellite internet services, enhancing its connectivity offerings.

Q. What is Starlink?

Starlink is a satellite internet service owned by SpaceX, providing high-speed broadband internet through a large network of satellites in low-earth orbit.

Q. How will this partnership benefit Telespazio's customers?

The partnership will expand Telespazio's network, offering better internet connectivity, especially in remote and underserved areas.

Q. Why is Telespazio integrating Starlink into its network?

Integrating Starlink will strengthen Telespazio's portfolio, allowing it to better meet the needs of various institutions and industries.


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