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Tesla Soars 12% as China Greenlights Full Self-Driving!

Tesla Gains 12%

Tesla's stock price shot up over 12% on Monday after the company achieved a major step toward launching its advanced self-driving technology in China. This increase came during a visit to China by Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk.

The Chinese authorities have recently approved Tesla's cars after confirming they meet local data security standards. This approval raises hopes that Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) software will soon be available in China, the world's biggest market for electric vehicles.

Tesla's cars are very popular in China, but they have faced some bans on government properties over concerns about data security. Meanwhile, in the U.S., the Biden administration is investigating if cars imported from China could pose security risks due to their data collection capabilities.

FSD, which enhances Tesla's existing Autopilot features, has been available in China in a limited form, mainly allowing the car to change lanes automatically. Now, with the data security hurdle cleared, Tesla is closer to offering the full capabilities of its self-driving technology in China.

Additionally, Tesla has struck a deal with Chinese company Baidu to use their mapping technology, essential for operating intelligent driving systems on public roads. This partnership helps Tesla meet the requirements for running their advanced driving software in China.


Q1. What is FSD?

Full Self-Driving (FSD) is a technology developed by Tesla that aims to make their cars capable of driving themselves without human intervention. It builds on Tesla's existing Autopilot feature, which already helps with things like steering, accelerating, and braking. FSD adds more advanced capabilities, such as recognizing and reacting to traffic lights and stop signs, making turns, and navigating city streets.

The goal of FSD is to handle all aspects of driving in most environments and conditions, although it's important to note that currently, drivers are still required to remain alert and ready to take control at any moment. FSD uses a combination of cameras, sensors, and software to understand the road and make decisions in real-time.

Q2. Why did Elon Musk visit China?

Elon Musk visited China to engage with Chinese authorities and business partners as Tesla sought approval for its Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology in the country. His visit was particularly significant because it coincided with Tesla getting the green light from Chinese regulators who confirmed that Tesla's cars met the country's data security standards. This approval was crucial for Tesla to fully roll out its advanced self-driving features in China, the largest market for electric vehicles. Additionally, Musk's trip likely involved discussions related to new partnerships, such as the deal with Baidu for mapping technology, which is essential for the operation of intelligent driving systems in China. His presence in China would have been important to strengthen relationships and navigate the regulatory environment, helping to secure Tesla’s position in this key market.

Q3. What does Tesla's deal with Baidu involve?

Tesla's agreement with Baidu allows them to use Baidu's mapping and navigation technology, which is essential for operating intelligent driving systems in China.


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