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Tim Cook: Apple to Make Big Advances in GenAI This Year

Tim Cook: Apple to Make Big Advances in GenAI This Year

At Apple's latest annual shareholders meeting, CEO Tim Cook revealed bold strategies to advance the company's GenAI initiatives significantly this year.

This announcement comes after reports surfaced about Apple putting its decade-long electric vehicle project on hold, redirecting some staff to reinforce GenAI projects.

While Apple has historically lagged behind its Big Tech counterparts in GenAI investment, Cook assured shareholders that the company is committed to catching up.

Despite rarely discussing GenAI publicly before, Apple is now ready to integrate advanced GenAI capabilities throughout its product range.

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple aims to enhance Siri and iOS' built-in search tool, Spotlight, with GenAI models to handle more sophisticated queries and conversations.

Additionally, plans are underway to incorporate GenAI into features such as automatic slide generation in Keynote and playlist curation in Apple Music, as well as coding suggestions in Xcode.

Engineers at Apple have been actively involved in GenAI research, contributing to academic and technical papers detailing innovative projects like animated 3D avatar generation and image animation tools.

Apple has released several open-source GenAI models and tools, including Ferret, a chatbot based on the Vicuna model, and MGIE, a model for image modification based on natural language commands.

Reports suggest Apple's commitment to GenAI is substantial, with investments of up to $1 billion annually. Speculation also surrounds potential hardware upgrades, including a significant enhancement to the Neural Engine in upcoming iPhone models.

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