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What Measures Is Microsoft Taking to Address AI Recall Tool Security?

Microsoft Delays AI Recall Tool Release Due to Security Concerns

Microsoft Security Issue

Microsoft has announced that it will not include the Recall AI tool in the upcoming release of the Copilot+ PC next week. This decision comes after concerns about privacy and security, as stated in a blog post on Thursday.

Instead of being widely available, Recall will now be offered as a preview feature through the Windows Insiders Program (WIP) when the new computer launches on June 18. Microsoft plans to make the tool available on all Copilot+ PCs after receiving feedback from WIP users.

"This decision is rooted in our commitment to providing a trusted, secure, and robust experience for all customers," wrote Pavan Davuluri, Windows Corporate Vice President.

The Copilot+ PC, introduced on May 20, is designed to run advanced AI programs, including Recall. Recall is an AI tool that takes regular screenshots to create a record of user activity, allowing users to search for their previous actions.

However, Recall faced controversy shortly after its announcement. Industry experts expressed concerns about the potential for hackers to access user information, such as usernames and passwords.

In response, Microsoft initially made Recall an opt-in feature, meaning it would be turned off by default. They also added extra security measures, including an encrypted search database and requiring users to verify their identity through Windows Hello, which uses a PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition.

Microsoft's decision to delay Recall follows heightened security concerns as the AI field evolves rapidly. Last month, a U.S. government review board criticized Microsoft's handling of a breach involving the email accounts of U.S. government officials by Chinese hackers.

Key Points

  • Microsoft will not include the Recall AI tool with the Copilot+ PC release next week.

  • Experts worry hackers could use Recall to access user information.

  • Recall will now only be available as a preview through the Windows Insiders Program.


Q1. Why is Microsoft delaying the release of the Recall AI tool?

Microsoft is delaying the release of Recall due to privacy and security concerns raised by industry experts.

Q2. What is the Recall AI tool?

The Recall AI tool tracks user activity by taking regular screenshots, allowing users to search and review their past actions.

Q3. Will Recall be included with the new Copilot+ PC?

No, Recall will not be included with the initial release of the Copilot+ PC. It will be available only as a preview feature through the Windows Insiders Program.

Q4. What is the Windows Insiders Program?

The Windows Insiders Program allows users to test new features and provide feedback before they are widely released.

Q5. What are the main security concerns with Recall?

Experts are concerned that hackers could develop tools to access user information, such as usernames and passwords, through Recall.


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