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X, Musk's Rebranded Twitter, Faces Global Outage, Raising Questions on Reliability

Twitter faces global outage

The social media platform X, which used to be called Twitter, had a big problem on Thursday. For about an hour, people worldwide couldn't use it. Instead of seeing their usual posts, they got a message saying “Welcome to X!” The trouble started around 12:40 a.m. Eastern Time. In the US, more than 74,000 people said they had issues with it, and in the UK, around 7,000 did too.

A website called DownDetector, which tracks when online services stop working, showed a lot of people reporting this problem. This site looks at what users say and gets information from other places, including Twitter. Both X's app and website had issues, which made it hard for people to use the platform like they normally do.

X didn't immediately answer when a news site, CNET, asked about what happened. This outage made users and experts worried about whether X is reliable, especially since it's a big social media site used by so many people.

Elon Musk, who bought Twitter for $44 billion last year, changed its name to X and made a lot of changes. He laid off workers, changed how the site handles moderation and who gets verified, and let some banned accounts come back. These changes have made the site earn less money from ads, which was important for it before.

Many people were upset about not being able to use X and talked about their frustration on other social media and online forums. Some were concerned about whether X could handle more users and more activity since Musk took over, as they wanted it to be stable and reliable.

The outage comes when social media is getting a lot of attention for how it deals with fake news, user safety, and what content it allows. X has been criticized for how it's handling these things, and the outage made people even more concerned.

After the outage ended, X said sorry to its users and promised to try to stop this from happening again. They want to make sure the platform works well and is reliable.

This incident shows how important social media is and what happens when there are technical problems. It's made people talk about how these big social media companies need to be more open and responsible, especially since they greatly impact public discussions and communication.


Q1. What exactly happened during the recent outage on X, previously known as Twitter? 

A: X faced a global outage that rendered the platform unusable for about an hour. Users were unable to view or access their regular posts and timelines. Instead, they encountered a generic welcome message. The outage affected both the mobile app and the website.

Q2: When and how long did the X outage last? 

A: The outage started around 12:40 a.m. Eastern Time on a Thursday and lasted for approximately one hour, affecting users globally.

Q3: Did X immediately address or acknowledge the outage? 

A: X did not immediately respond to the outage or provide comments to inquiries from the press, leaving many users and observers without official information for a while.

Q4: What were the main concerns arising from the X outage?

 A: The outage raised serious concerns about the platform’s stability, reliability, and the efficiency of its technical support, especially considering X's status as a major communication and social media tool.

Q5: Can you detail the changes X has undergone since Elon Musk's acquisition? 

A: Following Elon Musk's $44 billion acquisition, X (formerly Twitter) underwent major changes, including rebranding, policy overhauls, staff layoffs, and changes in content moderation practices. These changes have affected the platform's operational dynamics and its revenue from advertising.

Q6: How did X eventually respond to the outage, and what assurances were given? 

A: After resolving the issue, X issued a statement acknowledging the outage and apologized to its users. The company assured that measures were being taken to prevent similar incidents in the future, emphasizing their commitment to providing a stable and reliable service.


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