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AT&T Internet Service

AT&T is one of the largest and most reliable wireless carriers in the US, offering a range of plans and services to suit different needs and budgets. Whether you are looking for unlimited data, fast internet, or affordable prepaid options, AT&T has something for you. Here are some of the highlights of AT&T’s prices, best offers, and city availability with speed comparison.

AT&T Internet Connection Types

Connection type
Transmission method
Download speeds

AT&T Internet Contracts and Data Caps

  • AT&T Internet plans do not require long-term contracts.

  • Enrolling in AT&T AutoPay and Paperless billing can get you a $5 per month discount on your AT&T internet bill.

  • Some AT&T internet plans have data caps, limiting your monthly data usage.

  • Going over your data cap may result in data overage charges.

Data caps vary based on the connection type:

1. AT&T Fiber plans offer unlimited internet access.

2. DSL plans have a data cap of 1.5 TB per month.

3. AT&T fixed wireless plans have a data cap of up to 350 GB.

AT&T Plans & Pricing

AT&T offers both postpaid and prepaid plans for its customers. Postpaid plans are the ones that you pay monthly after using the service, while prepaid plans are the ones that you pay in advance before using the service.

Postpaid Plans:

  • Unlimited Starter: Starting at $35/month per line for four lines, includes standard-definition streaming, 25GB premium data, and unlimited texting to 120+ countries.

  • Unlimited Extra: Priced at $40/month per line for four lines, offers high-definition streaming, 50GB premium data, 15GB mobile hotspot per line, and advanced mobile security features.

  • Unlimited Elite: The premium plan at $50/month per line for four lines, includes high-definition streaming with HBO Max, 100GB premium data, 30GB mobile hotspot per line, advanced mobile security, and enhanced caller ID.

  • Add-Ons: Customize your plan with international calling, roaming, device protection, and more.

Prepaid Plans:

  • Unlimited Plus: Costs $75/month (or $50 with AutoPay), provides unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data in the US, Mexico, and Canada, along with 10GB mobile hotspot, HD video streaming, 5G access, and security features.

  • Unlimited: Priced at $65/month (or $45 with AutoPay), offers unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data in the US, Mexico, and Canada, with SD video streaming, 5G access, and security features.

  • 8GB: Available for $40/month (or $30 with AutoPay), includes unlimited talk and text in the US, Mexico, and Canada, along with 8GB of high-speed data that rolls over if unused.

  • 2GB: Priced at $30/month (or $25 with AutoPay), provides unlimited talk and text in the US only, along with 2GB of high-speed data that rolls over if unused.

Here are the States Where At&T Internet Service Is Available

Phones & Devices

Shop a variety of cell phones from top brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google.


Explore AT&T's cellular network, smartphones, and wireless plans.

Phone Plans

Discover phone plans tailored to your needs, including unlimited data and international options.


Enjoy high-speed internet plans with no contracts and no data caps through AT&T Fiber.


Save on high-speed data and access to 5G with AT&T PREPAID.


Explore bundle deals for AT&T Internet and AT&T Wireless for new and existing customers.

AT&T Customer Service

AT&T provides comprehensive support for its customers, offering a wide range of services to ensure a seamless and secure internet experience:

  • Paying AT&T Bill: Customers can easily manage their billing and payments through AT&T's online portal, making it convenient to pay bills and track expenses.

  • Upgrading Internet Speed: AT&T offers options for upgrading internet speeds, allowing users to tailor their plans to meet their evolving needs for faster and more reliable connectivity.

  • Checking Internet Speed: Customers can use AT&T's online tools to check their current internet speed, ensuring they are getting the service they expect.

  • Optimizing Connection: AT&T provides guidance and resources to help users optimize their internet connections, ensuring a smoother online experience.

  • Checking for Outages: Users can check for any ongoing outages in their area through AT&T's website, enabling them to stay informed about service disruptions.

  • Internet Support: AT&T offers robust internet support, including troubleshooting guides, FAQs, and a customer support team ready to assist with any technical issues.

  • Internet Security: AT&T prioritizes internet security, offering features like antivirus software and firewall protection to keep users' online activities safe from potential threats.



With these support services, AT&T aims to provide its customers with the best possible internet experience, from optimizing their connection to ensuring their online security.

AT&T For Business Internet

AT&T Internet for Business offers tailored solutions for various industries like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and more. They provide fast, reliable, and secure internet connectivity with dependable customer support. With options for wireless, voice services, and bundles, businesses can stay connected, collaborate effectively, and choose the services that suit their unique needs.

  • Wireless: Stay connected at work and on the go with customized wireless solutions for team members.

  • Internet: Access fast, reliable, and secure internet with dependable customer support.

  • Voice: Get reliable business phone service to facilitate customer and employee communication.

  • Bundles: Opt for tailored bundles designed to empower small businesses with comprehensive solutions.

  • Is AT&T Internet accessible where I live?
    Enter your address in the search box to see if AT&T internet is offered in your area. Find your exact location on the AT&T coverage map, and see if it is highlighted in blue.
  • What is the price of AT&T internet?
    Internet packages from AT&T Fiber start at just $55 per month.
  • How quickly does AT&T fiber internet work?
    The fiber internet from AT&T offers download rates of up to 5 Gbps.
  • Is a contract required for AT&T internet service?
    You are not required to sign a contract with AT&T. That means you won't need to worry about ETFs if you decide to switch to another internet provider for any reason.
  • Do AT&T's internet plans have data limits?
    Unlimited data is included in AT&T Fiber internet plans. However, the monthly data cap for AT&T DSL plans is 1.5 TB, and the monthly data cap for AT&T fixed wireless plans is 350 GB.


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