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EarthLink Internet Service

EarthLink has achieved the broadest customer reach among wired internet providers, even though it doesn't own its networks. Instead, EarthLink relies on the existing infrastructure of other providers like AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier, and Verizon, primarily utilizing their copper and fiber networks. Additionally, EarthLink may offer satellite internet from Viasat and 5G service in certain areas.

EarthLink Internet Connection Types

EarthLink Internet Connection Types.png

EarthLink Internet Contracts & Data Caps

  • Fiber Optic Internet: This comes with no data caps and no throttling. This means you can use unlimited data every month without any restrictions on speed.

  • Wireless Home Internet: EarthLink offers Wireless Home Internet with data plans instead of unlimited data. These plans range from 100 GB to unlimited data, with the most common plans having data caps. 

  • If you reach your data limit before the month ends, your internet speed will be throttled (slowed down) significantly, to around 128 Kbps.

  • There is an exclusive WFH Unlimited plan (Work From Home) with supposedly unlimited data, but speeds are capped at 25 Mbps and can still be throttled if you use more than 300 GB in a month.

Data caps vary based on the connection type

  • EarthLink offers Fiber Optic internet with unlimited data, no caps, no worries.

  • Their Wireless Home Internet has data plans, ranging from 100 GB to supposedly unlimited options. Be careful though, exceeding data caps throttles speeds to a crawl (128 Kbps).

EarthLink Plans & Pricing

EarthLink itself doesn't own the infrastructure for internet connections and partners with other providers depending on your location. However, based on their website, they offer two main internet service plans: Fiber Optic Internet and Wireless Home Internet

Postpaid Plans
  • Fiber Optic Internet: This is their most premium plan which comes with unlimited data, fast and reliable speeds, and upload speeds are just as fast as download speeds, it is also less susceptible to interference.

  • Wireless Home Internet: This uses cellular networks (like 4G LTE and potentially 5G) to deliver internet.  The plans range from 100 GB to unlimited data, with the most common plans having data caps.

Prepaid Plans
  • EarthLink actually doesn't offer prepaid internet plans. 

  • Their service works with standard internet contracts, not prepaid options.

  • Traditionally, prepaid plans require paying for a set amount of data or time upfront.

  • EarthLink offers postpaid contracts where you pay a monthly fee for the chosen plan with its included features (data allowance, speed etc.).

Here are the States Where EarthLink Internet Service Is Available

Digital Marketing Services Offered

EarthLink can help you advertise your business online.

EarthLink Protect

This security package protects you from online threats, monitors for stolen information, and gives you a secure connection.

EarthLink EasyTech

Get help setting up and troubleshooting your smart devices.

EarthLink Guardian

This parental control tool keeps your kids safe online.

EarthLink Online Backup

This service automatically saves your files to the cloud so you won't lose them.

Availability of Options

EarthLink offers options for areas where cable internet isn't available.

EarthLink Customer Service

  • Phone: Dial 888-327-8454 to access customer support, modify your EarthLink service portfolio, or settle your EarthLink bill.

  • Text: If texting aligns better with your communication preferences, you can send a message to 833-458-4360 to connect with EarthLink support.

  • Relocating?: For those planning a move, you can reach out to 844-921-8141 to arrange the transfer of your EarthLink service to your new address.

  • EarthLink Live TV: You can stream over 150 channels through EarthLink Live TV, contact 866-618-0460 to initiate the process.

  • Assistance: If you have inquiries, you can check the EarthLink Support page, which has resources covering topics such as internet, TV, phone, security, billing, and more.

  • Online: For convenient online access, navigate to, where you can log in to your account to complete tasks such as bill payments, service status checks, service and equipment additions, and communication with customer service.

EarthLink For Business Internet

EarthLink's business internet service is designed to address the operational requirements of businesses. You can get internet speeds of up to 5 Gigs when opting for EarthLink's services. Moreover, EarthLink extends its support by taking charge of managing businesses' online listings on platforms such as Google and Yelp, among others, all without additional fees. 

  • The company offers digital marketing and website services aimed at enhancing online visibility. Businesses can get EarthLink's internet plans, which are competitively priced and start at just $69.95 per month.

  • Business Internet: To connect with EarthLink's business internet service representatives, dial 844-356-5249, choose option 1, and then press 1 again.

  • Is AT&T Internet accessible where I live?
    Enter your address in the search box to see if AT&T internet is offered in your area. Find your exact location on the AT&T coverage map, and see if it is highlighted in blue.
  • What is the price of AT&T internet?
    Internet packages from AT&T Fiber start at just $55 per month.
  • How quickly does AT&T fiber internet work?
    The fiber internet from AT&T offers download rates of up to 5 Gbps.
  • Is a contract required for AT&T internet service?
    You are not required to sign a contract with AT&T. That means you won't need to worry about ETFs if you decide to switch to another internet provider for any reason.
  • Do AT&T's internet plans have data limits?
    Unlimited data is included in AT&T Fiber internet plans. However, the monthly data cap for AT&T DSL plans is 1.5 TB, and the monthly data cap for AT&T fixed wireless plans is 350 GB.
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