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Speed Net Broadband Internet Service

Experience lightning-fast internet speeds even in the most remote rural areas with Speed Net Broadband's high-speed air fiber service. Starting at just $49.99 per month, you can enjoy seamless connectivity for all your online needs. With their 15-day money-back guarantee, you can try their service risk-free. Plus, their easy DIY internet setup makes getting started a breeze.


Speed Net Broadband Internet Connection Types

EarthLink Internet Connection Types.png

Speed Net Broadband Internet Contracts and Data Caps

  • Truly Unlimited Data: Enjoy no data caps with their unlimited data plans, so you can stream, download, and browse freely.

  • Flexible Payment: Pay month-to-month with no contracts, giving you complete control over your internet service.

  • Open Access: No credit checks are required, making Speed Net Broadband accessible to everyone.

  • Unmatched Freedom: Easily change, cancel, or upgrade your plan at any time to fit your changing needs.

Data caps do not vary based on the connection type

  • With their unlimited data plans, you can stream, download, and browse without worrying about data caps.

  • Peace of Mind: Test out the service with a 15-day money-back guarantee.

  • High Speeds: Look for information about the specific speeds offered in your area by visiting the website.

  • Check the provider's website or reviews for information on their customer service reputation.

Speed Net Broadband Plans & Pricing

Prepaid Plans
  • Silver: The plan is priced at $49.99/mo. with 50 GB of data. You get speeds up to 200Mbps and 1080 HD streaming. It is the best plan for basic internet needs with an indoor unit.

  • Truly Unlimited: This plan is priced at $74.99/mo. with unlimited internet and speeds up to 200Mbps. You get 4k streaming, and high-end gaming. The plan is best if you are looking for unlimited data.

  • Platinum: The plan is priced at $99.99/mo. This is also an unlimited internet plan with speeds up to 200Mbps and is best for gaming and 4k streaming. The difference is that this plan also offers an outdoor unit. This is the most recommended plan.

  • Gold: This plan is priced at $84.99/mo. with 250 GB of data. This also comes with indoor and outdoor units. Speeds of up to 200Mbps are offered which are great for rural areas.

Postpaid Plans
  • Speed Net Broadband offers a variety of internet plans online. These plans likely function similarly to prepaid phone plans where you choose a plan with a specific data allowance (if applicable) and pay for it upfront.

  • Customers can select their desired plan and complete the application process directly on Speed Net Broadband's website. This likely involves entering payment information at signup.

  • While not technically postpaid, Speed Net Broadband likely uses a monthly billing cycle. This means you'll likely be charged a monthly recurring fee for your chosen plan.

Here are the States Where Speed Net Broadband Internet Service Is Available

Unlimited Data Plans

Enjoy the freedom to stream, download, and browse without worrying about data caps with truly unlimited data plans.

Human Tech Support

Get prompt assistance from real people whenever you need help with your internet service.

Plans for All

Choose a plan that fits your needs and budget, potentially with options for various data allowances or truly unlimited data.

No Speed Throttling

Experience consistent internet speeds throughout the billing cycle, without slowdowns during peak usage times.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees, so you know exactly what you're paying for each month.

Special Discounts

Speed Net Broadband offers special discounts for veterans, first responders, and senior citizens

Speed Net Broadband Customer Service

  • Fast Equipment Delivery: Get connected quickly with potentially same-day equipment dispatch and delivery within 2-3 business days.

  • Dedicated Tech Support Team: Receive assistance from a team of qualified technicians whenever you need help with your internet service. Reduce downtime with efficient troubleshooting.

  • Streamlined Sign-Up and Order Management: Speed Net Broadband offers a convenient online platform for signing up for service and managing your account. You can review plans, order equipment, and potentially make changes at your own pace.

  • Multiple Support Options: Get help online or offline depending on your preference. Speed Net Broadband may offer various support channels like a web portal, phone lines, or potentially even on-site visits for complex issues.

  • Human Interaction: Speak directly with a customer service representative to resolve your issues. Avoid automated systems and get personalized assistance from real people.

  • Reduced Wait Times: Speed Net Broadband strives to minimize wait times and connect you with a support agent as quickly as possible.

  • You can fill up a contact form and raise a support ticket through the website or simply call on their support numbers. 

Speed Net Broadband For Business

Speed Net Broadband caters to businesses with high-speed internet solutions. 


  • They offer two flexible plans: a $149.99/month option with download speeds reaching 150Mbps and a dynamic IP address. 

  • This plan is ideal for businesses that value month-to-month flexibility and only pay for the internet they use. 

  • For businesses needing even faster speeds and static or dynamic IP options, Speed Net Broadband offers a $199.99/month plan with download speeds reaching 200Mbps. 

  • Both plans eliminate long-term contracts and allow businesses to scale their internet needs as they grow. 

  • Additionally, Speed Net Broadband offers VoIP services, providing a one-stop shop for your business's internet and communication needs.

  • Is AT&T Internet accessible where I live?
    Enter your address in the search box to see if AT&T internet is offered in your area. Find your exact location on the AT&T coverage map, and see if it is highlighted in blue.
  • What is the price of AT&T internet?
    Internet packages from AT&T Fiber start at just $55 per month.
  • How quickly does AT&T fiber internet work?
    The fiber internet from AT&T offers download rates of up to 5 Gbps.
  • Is a contract required for AT&T internet service?
    You are not required to sign a contract with AT&T. That means you won't need to worry about ETFs if you decide to switch to another internet provider for any reason.
  • Do AT&T's internet plans have data limits?
    Unlimited data is included in AT&T Fiber internet plans. However, the monthly data cap for AT&T DSL plans is 1.5 TB, and the monthly data cap for AT&T fixed wireless plans is 350 GB.
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