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Apple Launches New iPad Pro and iPad Air Model

Updated: May 15

apple new ipad pro

Apple Unveils New iPad Pro and iPad Air

  • Apple's Big Launch: The latest versions of iPad Air and iPad Pro were introduced on Tuesday, the first new iPads since October 2022.

  • CEO's Milestone Moment: Tim Cook hailed this launch as “the biggest day for iPad since its introduction,” in a video posted on Apple’s website.

Apple has done it again, folks! On Tuesday, the tech giant introduced new versions of its iPad Pro and iPad Air tablets, marking the biggest update since October 2022. "This is the biggest day for iPad since its introduction," stated Apple CEO Tim Cook in a video posted on the company's website. If you're curious about what these new iPads have to offer, buckle up for a detailed, friendly rundown.

New iPad Pro: Thin, Powerful, and Versatile

The new iPad Pro, Apple's most advanced and pricey tablet, comes in two sizes: 11-inch and 13-inch models. They're both incredibly thin, with a sleek 5.1 mm profile. If you want a powerful tablet that feels like a laptop, the iPad Pro is your new best friend. With the new Smart Keyboard, Apple makes sure you can pair the Pro with a keyboard and trackpad for a seamless laptop experience. The keyboard even clicks into place like magic, making it feel "just like a MacBook."

  • 11-inch model: Starts at $999.

  • 13-inch model: Starts at $1,299, with 256GB of storage.

If you're a multitasking master or a video editing wizard, you'll love the iPad Pro’s vibrant display and new M4 chip. This "outrageously powerful chip for AI" helps software isolate subjects from their backgrounds in videos with ease.

Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil Pro

Enhance your iPad Pro experience with the new Magic Keyboard accessory, which features a trackpad and pairs perfectly with the tablet. The keyboard’s aluminum frame makes it sturdy yet lightweight.

  • 11-inch Magic Keyboard: Costs $249.

  • 13-inch Magic Keyboard: Costs $299.

And don't forget the updated Apple Pencil Pro! At $129, it offers precise, professional stylus control for artists and creatives.

apple new launch ipad pro

Next-Level Display and Camera

The iPad Pro's new display uses cutting-edge OLED technology, which Apple dubs "Ultra Retina XDR," to provide brilliant, lifelike colors. Plus, the Pro's camera system will blow your mind:

  • 12-megapixel rear camera: Capable of recording 4K video.

  • Enhanced flash: Makes scanning documents a breeze.

And for the ultimate creative, Final Cut Camera, an app that lets you control multiple iPhone cameras, makes it easier than ever to edit multi-angle video content.

The New iPad Air: Power Meets Affordability

Not looking for the Pro? The new iPad Air might be more your speed. It features Apple's M2 chip, providing a boost in speed and performance. The front-facing camera now rests on the longer side for more natural video calls in landscape mode.

  • 11-inch model: Starts at $599 for 128GB.

  • 13-inch model: Starts at $799.

With various colors, including blue, purple, and gold, there's an option for everyone. It also keeps things affordable by reducing the price of the entry-level iPad to just $349.

Ready to Get Yours?

Both the new iPad Pro and iPad Air are available for preorder now and will hit stores next week. If you're looking for powerful performance and versatility, these iPads deliver. Whether you're an artist, video producer, businessperson, or just a tech enthusiast, these tablets are worth checking out.

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