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Cisco's New Release: Motific Simplifies the Generative AI Landscape for Businesses

Cisco, a big technology company, has introduced a new product named Motific. This product is special because it helps businesses use AI (Artificial Intelligence) safely and efficiently. Motific was developed by a part of Cisco called Outshift, which focuses on creating new and innovative products.

What makes Motific interesting is that it helps companies use AI in a way that fits their specific needs, without compromising on safety or breaking any rules. It's like a tool that makes sure the AI does what it's supposed to do, using the right data and not causing any problems.

Here’s how Motific helps businesses:

  • Fast Deployment: Motific makes it much quicker for companies to start using AI. Instead of taking months, it can now take just days. It does this by automating a lot of the setup process, like connecting to data sources and setting up AI models, while also making sure everything is safe and follows the company's rules.

  • Risk Reduction and Compliance: The tool has features that automatically check for sensitive information and make sure everything is secure. It prevents problems before they happen, like making sure the AI doesn't come up with incorrect or harmful responses.

  • Saving Money and Showing Value: It helps businesses understand how much they’re benefiting from using AI, by tracking how it's used and how much it costs. This way, companies can make sure they're not spending too much money on AI.

  • Control and Visibility: Motific gives businesses control over how AI is used in their organization. It helps avoid the use of unapproved AI tools by offering a company-approved option, making sure all AI use is safe and meets the company’s standards.

Cisco plans to show Motific at an event called Cisco Live EMEA and says it will be ready for everyone to use by June 2024. People interested in Motific can find more information on its website or talk to the Cisco team for more details.

In summary, Cisco's new product Motific is designed to help businesses use AI in a way that's fast, safe, and cost-effective, ensuring that companies can benefit from AI technology without running into common problems.


Q1. What is Motific?

Motific is Cisco's first Software as a Service (SaaS) product designed to help organizations deploy generative AI (GenAI) applications safely and efficiently. It offers a central platform for IT and security teams to manage GenAI deployments, ensuring control over data, security, responsible AI use, and costs.

Q2. Who developed Motific?

Motific was developed by Outshift, which is Cisco's internal incubation engine focused on creating innovative products and solutions.

Q3. What problems does Motific solve?

Motific addresses several challenges businesses face with AI deployment, such as:

  • Ensuring AI uses trustworthy and relevant data.

  • Complying with organizational policies.

  • Managing and integrating AI models across different providers.

  • Reducing deployment time from months to days.

  • Controlling sensitive data and security risks.

  • Tracking ROI and optimizing costs.

Q4. How does Motific work?

Motific simplifies the deployment of GenAI by automating the setup process, including:

  • Configuring AI assistants and APIs.

  • Integrating Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) with data sources.

  • Implementing compliance controls.

  • Providing enterprise-level security and data protection.

  • Offering insights on usage, ROI, and cost optimization.

Q5. Who can benefit from using Motific?

Any organization looking to deploy GenAI technologies can benefit from Motific, especially those that prioritize data security, compliance, and efficient AI integration into their operations.

Q6. When will Motific be available?

Motific will be previewed at Cisco Live EMEA and is expected to be generally available by June 2024.

Q7. Can Motific help in reducing AI deployment costs?

Yes, by streamlining the deployment process and providing tools for monitoring and optimizing AI usage and costs, Motific can help organizations prevent over-usage and manage budgets more effectively.

Q8. Is there support available for Motific users?

Cisco offers support for Motific users, including resources on the Motific website and the option to speak with the team for more personalized assistance.

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