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Deadline Approaching: How to Join Verizon Settlement

Verizon Settlement

The time is running out for some Verizon customers to ask for their share of a $100 million agreement. This agreement is from a lawsuit in New Jersey. It says that customers in the U.S. who picked certain Verizon wireless plans ended up paying extra money because of hidden fees. These extra charges were added in a way that wasn't fair or clear, according to the people who filed the lawsuit.

The fees began at 40 cents each month for every phone line in 2005 and went up to $3.30 for each line by 2022.

Verizon, without saying it did something wrong, has decided to settle the lawsuit. They will also change their customer agreement to clearly state these extra fees in the future.

If you had Verizon wireless or data services and were charged these extra fees between January 1, 2016, and November 8, 2023, you can ask for some money back. If you're eligible, you'll get a notice in the mail or by email.

You could get back up to $100, but the exact amount depends on how many people ask for money and how long you are paying these fees. Everyone eligible will get at least $15, plus $1 for every month you pay the fee.

You need to ask for this money by April 15.


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