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What Is Brightspeed and Why Did it Replace CenturyLink for My Internet Service?

What Is Brightspeed and Why Did it Replace CenturyLink for My Internet Service?

Internet service providers (ISPs) are an integral part of our digital lives, enabling us to stay connected to the world. One such ISP that has recently made headlines is Brightspeed, which took over the DSL customers of CenturyLink. This article aims to shed light on Brightspeed and its impact on CenturyLink customers.

What is Brightspeed?

Brightspeed is a newcomer in the ISP market. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, it is a subsidiary of Apollo Global Management. Brightspeed emerged in 2021 following a $7.5 billion deal to acquire the DSL and landline phone services of Lumen Technologies, CenturyLink's parent company. This venture was spearheaded by three former Verizon executives—Robert "Bob" Mudge, Tom Maguire, and Chris Creager.

The Brightspeed Connection: DSL and Fiber

Primarily, Brightspeed provides DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) internet. Despite being an older technology, DSL still holds its ground as a reliable source of internet, especially in rural areas and small towns. However, Brightspeed doesn't stop at DSL—it also offers fiber internet in 13 of the 20 states where it operates.

Fiber internet is generally considered superior to DSL due to its faster speeds and more reliable connection. Brightspeed currently offers fiber internet speeds of 200Mbps, 500Mbps, and 2,000 Mbps to qualifying homes and small businesses.

Note: For a comprehensive understanding of the difference between DSL and fiber, check out our guide to DSL vs. fiber.

Brightspeed's Plan for the Future

Brightspeed has ambitious plans. It intends to follow the footsteps of ISPs like CenturyLink, AT&T, and Verizon, which transitioned from DSL to fiber. To this end, Brightspeed has allocated $2 billion to extend fiber-optic internet to at least 3 million customers across 20 states over the next four years.

The Transition from CenturyLink to Brightspeed

CenturyLink's DSL customers officially became Brightspeed customers on October 3, 2022. For now, former CenturyLink DSL users can continue accessing their accounts using their existing CenturyLink login information.

Pricing and Service Interruptions

Brightspeed has assured that customers will not have to pay more for the same internet service that they previously received from CenturyLink. However, customers may experience brief service outages during the transition from CenturyLink to Brightspeed, primarily happening in the early morning.

To check if your internet speed has been affected by this transition, you can use a speed test tool.

Equipment Requirements

Existing CenturyLink customers can continue using their current modem and router with Brightspeed's service. However, if the equipment is outdated, it may need to be replaced. Brightspeed offers equipment rental, but customers also have the option to purchase their own modem and router.

Switching Providers

If you're not satisfied with Brightspeed's service, you can always switch to a different provider. To explore other internet options in your area, you can use a provider search tool.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Brightspeed, a newcomer in the ISP market, recently acquired CenturyLink's DSL customers. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Brightspeed offers DSL and fiber internet services across 20 states. It plans to invest $2 billion to expand fiber-optic internet to 3 million customers over four years. Customers transitioning from CenturyLink to Brightspeed can expect similar pricing and may experience brief service interruptions. Existing equipment can be used, but upgrades may be necessary. Customers have the option to switch providers if needed. Overall, Brightspeed's acquisition marks a significant step in providing reliable connectivity to rural areas.


Q1. Does Brightspeed Offer the Same Internet Connections as CenturyLink?

A: Yes, Brightspeed offers similar internet connections as CenturyLink, including DSL and fiber options. While CenturyLink also provides some fixed wireless services, Brightspeed's focus is primarily on DSL and fiber. However, Brightspeed is expanding its fiber network in 17 states, potentially offering fiber internet to more customers in the future.

Q2: When Will My CenturyLink Plan Become a Brightspeed Plan?

A: The transition should have occurred by Oct. 3, 2022. Brightspeed notified affected customers via email in advance.

Q3: What Are the Differences Between Brightspeed and CenturyLink?

A: Here's a direct comparison:




Internet types

DSL, fiber, fixed wireless

DSL, fiber

Download speeds (fiber)

Up to 940 Mbps

Up to 940 Mbps

Upload speeds (fiber)

Up to 940 Mbps

Up to 940 Mbps

Starting price

$50 per month

$50 per month

Phone service



TV service



Bundling options



Q4: Will I Experience Any Service Interruptions?

A: No, service interruptions during the transition from CenturyLink to Brightspeed are unlikely, as these changes typically occur during early morning hours.

Q5: Will I Have to Pay More for Brightspeed Internet?

A: While Brightspeed's Fiber Internet plan might have a slightly higher monthly cost compared to CenturyLink, savings are possible if you subscribe to digital voice services. Additionally, Brightspeed Fiber plans do not include router or modem fees.

Q6: Do I Need New Equipment for My Brightspeed Plan?

A: Most CenturyLink equipment is compatible with Brightspeed's plans, although older modems may require replacement.

Q7: Will My Account Information Stay the Same?

A: Yes, you can continue using your CenturyLink login credentials to access your Brightspeed account, and similar services offered by CenturyLink will remain accessible.

Q8: What if I Don’t Want a Brightspeed Internet Plan?

A: Customers affected by the transition cannot opt out, but they can explore alternative internet providers if they choose not to continue with Brightspeed.

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